Silent Ops review

Silent Ops by Gameloft

Silent Ops is a fun third person shooter that resembles James Bond, 24’s Jack Bauer and Splinter Cell. It captures action-stealth on iOS at its best.

In Silent Ops you play as a spy’s from the secret organization Ubiquity which is try to stop a terrorist group, Patriarch, from releasing a virus that would annihilate the human population.

The first cut scene is great, not only does it get you into the game but its graphics are also amazing. I enjoyed the different environments in each level.  Having three different main playable characters kept the game interesting.  I would have liked more depth to the three main characters. I liked that even though we don’t get to play as the main villain character, it feels like we do get to know him via cut scenes. I would like to have seen more background on the female villain Natalia.

The game play was good even though limited by the number of weapons and abilities you can use. The “run and hide” behind an object and shoot aspect was entertaining.  I would’ve liked to been able to use more than two weapons during the regular game play however, I understand that as a silent op you probably don’t need that many weapons to kill or disable an enemy. The time when we got to use Snapshot was good. I enjoyed using the gun with the silencer; it brought the stealth theme alive. I would have liked stealth to have been involved more since it is an action-stealth game.  Another area that could use some improvement is the responsiveness of the enemy soldier. More than one type of soldier would have been good to increase difficulty.

Multiplayer is fun. It feels very much like the single player mode except with smarter and more responsive player/soldiers per say.  I liked the layout of the multiplayer maps. Multiplayer does get ruined when someone who purchased the “Golden Gun with Ammo” enters the match because then he is able to kill you with one-shot. The Golden Gun doesn’t work out as great as It seems because that person kills many players just to have them go back to the same position where they died  in the first place which then becomes a never ending cycle in which you can’t kill the player with the Golden Gun causing some player to leave the match.

The “Shop” (in-app purchases) within the game could have been better if it included new weapons. I don’t think what is currently is available to purchase is going to attract many people.

Overall I did enjoy Silent Ops. The movie sequences and secret agent (action-stealth) theme make the game worth your time.  I do recommend this game to everybody.

My Rating of Silent Ops: 3/5

To The Point: Silent Ops is a good game with room for improvement.

Pro’s: Fantastic cut scenes, action-stealth sequences, varied game play and many environments.

Con’s: Repetitive NPC (soldier) action and “Golden Gun with Ammo”.

Reviewed on a iPod Touch (iOS version 4.3.5)

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Keizer, Oregon Needs More Jobs

            I think that we need to create more jobs in Keizer, Oregon.  There are many people in Keizer who need jobs. Suzy the Citizen is recently unemployed has three children and a husband who is currently deployed in the Middle East. How will she be able to find a job if there aren’t any available. How will she be able to feed her kids and pay the bills? We as a community need to support initiatives to create jobs. One needs to also take advantage of the one we have such as allowing retail building larger than 65,000 square feet to be build anywhere in Keizer. There is a group in Keizer called “Keep Keizer Livable” who wants to stop that initiative. They want “No retail building larger than 65,000 square feet can he built anywhere in Keizer except for Area A of Keizer Station”. By voting for “Keep Keizer Livable”, or as I like to call “Keep Keizer Jobless”, we are limiting job creation. They are also helping out the owner of Keizer Station by sending all the big stores to him and his investors. We need to face the fact that we have unemployed people in Keizer who desperately need a job. In this economy we need to encourage job creation to help people like Suzy the Citizen. Her husband is protecting our country and we compensate him by keeping Suzy unemployed? We need to put ourselves in Suzy’s shoe. In the shoes of the Keizer community. What do we as a community need? What we need is more jobs. Is the “Keep Keizer Jobless” committee willing to have it in their conscious that because of them Suzy’s kids will go to bed hungry. Do they recognize what they are doing? They are simply hurting Keizer families instead of helping them out. We need to get rid of the “me” mentality and embrace the “us” in our Keizer community. We need to help out everyone specially the unemployed. There are selfish people who still want to keep Keizer Little. We need to understand that when we as a community approved Keizer Station that’s when we let go of “Little Keizer”. We are the City of Keizer. Some want Keizer Station to become like Bridgeport Village with all the fancy rich stores. It’s simply not possible at this moment because we don’t have enough of that demographic to support such store here in Keizer. Others are afraid of vandalism that would result if a Wal-Mart was built in Keizer. Keizer is a safe community with excellent policemen that would be able to prevent and limit vandalism if vandalism would even occur. Others want a grocery discount store here in Keizer. That is an excellent idea because it would help out the whole community to have a lower grocery bill. But we can’t just say no to Wal-Mart and yes to WinCo. Wal-Mart has low prices on foods and electronics which untimely help us out. Some families, like Suzy, in our community don’t have money to waste gas to drive all the way to Salem to buy groceries at grocery discount store. Having a Wal-Mart in your city does not in any way make the city ghetto instead It helps show that Keizer welcomes new stores. “Keep Keizer Livable” needs to stop being a hypocrite because when a big store like Wal-Mart does get built in Keizer the “Keep Keizer Jobless” members will be eventually shopping there. I believe that by allowing big business store to Keizer we will create more jobs and help out, Suzy, the unemployed. As a result we would be stimulating Keizer’s economy. I say NO to “Keep Keizer Jobless” and YES to “More Jobs”.

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